We are here to help you remember how to regain your power & continue thriving without limitations. On our transformational journey all 3 of us have been searching for a place like Almond Blossom Sanctuary – a place of Symbiosis of Healing on all levels, focusing on your personal needs. Allow us to share with you, the real Ibiza. Our unique team of therapists, healers, artists & craftsman was chosen by us and they truly represent the energy and spirit of the island.

With Love from Ibiza


Ruby is Ibiza based Holistic Detoxification Specialist & Health Educator, helping people heal themselves naturally and medication free. After almost a decade of traveling and working worldwide as a Fashion Model, Ruby graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. in the United States and works with clients worldwide.

Ruby’s great passion is to help bring the body into a state of healing through Cellular Detoxification and fasting, and she is exceptionally professional at it. With calmness and patience, she takes on her clients and guides them gently on their path. With a lot of fun and high knowledge she teaches you how enjoyable and easy it is to be able to treat your body with respect and responsibility, in order to achieve incredible and long lasting results in healing and body shape.

Ruby will be preparing your raw food meals and juices, which are by far one of the seven wonders of the world.

Ruby saved my life”, is not an overstatement. Before I met her I was suicidal and in deep depression. She laid the foundation for me. She understands the human condition. A true healer. She leads by example, teaches you all the wisdom and knowledge. Ruby is incredibly loving, gentle, caring, honest, supportive, intuitive, and a giver in every sense of the word. I would not be here without Ruby’s help. She thought me what true healing is, as well as what self-love can do for you on an emotional and anatomical level. Forever indebted to her for being my teacher.

Michele Jang, 26

Designer, Creative

Ruby is one of the most sensitive and caring people I have ever met. Her compassions and respect for life – wether the life of an animal or the person sitting in front of her during a session, is in my experience, what allows Ruby to so beautifully do what she does. Through our conversation I became aware of some deeply repressed parts of myself, which previously I was unwilling to face. With Ruby’s gentle yet firm nudges I was able to come into relationship with these hidden parts and in doing so, step into and embody myself more. Ruby knew exactly where I needed to go and what I needed to look at, before I did, and lovingly led me there. If you are looking for a cheerleader or someone who will advocate for the best and highest you, especially during your darkest moments, then work with Ruby!

Ken Fried, 32

Operations Manager, Seeing With Your Heart

If I could describe fruit the way Ruby taught me “how to heal”, it would be devoured and appreciated right through to the core. Ruby has the knowledge and the keen determination to understand the true causes of illness through extensive research, passion, and the lifestyle of healing the body through detoxification. I have recovered from the symptoms of Morgellons disease including co-infections, parasites and candida. If you want to find the path and you are stuck, let Ruby guide you.

Laura Cherry, 28

Dancer & Health Coach, Cherry Vitality


Having spent over a decade in the diamond industry, in London, Ksenia’s desire for fulfilment drove her traveling and searching for her life mission. Now Ibiza based yoga and meditation teacher, Ksenia’s passion is helping others reconnect with themselves.

As a graduate from Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas, she is certified in Ayuverdic Yoga Therapy, Classic Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation. Ksenia will lead your daily inner journey discovering your greatness.

Ksenia holds the space in order for you to feel loved, accepted and understood. Her energy is like an energetic ray of light which inspires you to raise you own energy and start a loving relationship with yourself.

This summer, Ksenia introduced me to Hatha Yoga and she has been my teacher ever since. Ksenia’s class is the perfect mix of meditation, mindfulness, and physical yoga asanas. I look forward to every class because Ksenia brings warmth and love to everyone. I feel very comfortable under her guidance. Ksenia is very good at giving the right amount of attention and support for your body in the physical movements but she also encourages you to go inside your own meditation to get the very most out of each session. Held in a beautiful setting by the sea, for me, this is the perfect yoga experience.

Katy Gill, 34

Make Up Artist

Yoga with Ksenia has been a truly enjoyable experience from class to class. I have always struggled with meditation and actually being able to switch off. During and after a yoga session with Ksenia, I feel that my mind clears and I am able to think in a much more effective and calm way, as well as feeling pro-active and relaxed. Ksenia has a great way of instructing. Even if you are a beginner she can help you push yourself in a calm and knowledgeable way. I would recommend Ksenia’s yoga sessions to anyone.

Louise Nevitt, 30

Consierge & Event Manager

Ksenia is such a wonderful open, passionate and loving person. Her ability to approach people and lead them affectionately, make her an exceptionally good yoga theacher. Yoga with her is a wonderful experience, she understands how to pass on her ability and knowledge lovingly to her students and lead them back to their own essence of being. You feel save, protected and rooted from the first second you meet Ksenia. She helps you to reconnect to your body and she is able to motivate you sensitively to grow beyond yourself. To join her classes is a real pleasure, you feel loved, accepted and understood and you are ready to start a loving relationship with your own body.

Anastasia, 45

journalist and author


In her past professional life as an Embryologist Nina has seen how energy and life evolve from their earliest stage. Certified Quantum Energy & Life Awareness Coach, she now works with clients around the globe, while based in Ibiza.

As your Mental Trainer, Nina helps you address the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Codependency, which she experienced herself and therefore truly understand what it entails to heal. If the trauma steams from your childhood or if it happened later in life, you will be guided on the road to recovery by establishing healthy boundaries thus shifting those limiting belief systems and habits.

We know Nina will be honest with you. The caring sense of authority within her enables Nina to keep her clients accountable whenever they are not authentic or true to themselves. Nina’s electric soul invites you to be the best you can, here and now.

I am a person who is constantly busy with 3 kids, 2 jobs and far too many ideas- which leads me to stagnation. Silence makes me nervous. I often get panicked that I do not really care about myself enough. This problems I could solve with Nina. At the moment of the greatest despair we had a coaching and meditated, during which I become aware of many things I never realised before.
I could finally let go. I cried, but it was an incomprehensibly liberating experience.
With Nina’s help I can now coordinate my activities better. I have learned to distinguish important from unimportant and prioritise. I can be proud of myself and proud of what I am doing. I take more time for myself, and once I get back into my old patterns, one call with Nina is enough to see it clearly again. Thank you Nina. You do infinitely well. You helped me to be able to help myself, to recognise myself and be proud of who I am.

Ilka M.

Nina quickly recognises the core issue, and knows just how to put it in words, with clarity. With her support, it is possible to recognise the challenge, to face and actually shift it. Her very clear, direct, and at the same time very sensitive way of coaching gives you the chance to let go of all the old core beliefs and habitual behaviour. In a very short amount of time, I realised the blockages I have been carrying with me, pretty much all of my life. I was able to let go of the self-sabotaging mindset and continue living with a liberated attitude. Thank you very much, dear Nina!

Christina, 36

Artist & Dancer

Nina’s clarity, wisdom and experience help you to rapidly transform from fear to trust and acceptance. She approaches her clients from spiritual, mental, isomeric and somehow loving directions. Her ability to see patterns, lessons and gifts in the most challenging situations is admirable and nevertheless inspiring.

Leila, 53