1. Overcome fears & phobias in a week of life coaching.

2. Transform symptoms of depression 5 sessions of Mental Training

3. Gain clarity about your life goals & dreams as a result of a week of personalized program

4. Start healing childhood traumas by understanding codependency and stepping into self love

5. Complete the retreat with structured action plan to make your dreams your reality

6. Transform panic attacks and find your inner peace by facing your triggers now

7. Start overcoming limiting beliefs & habits through guided transformational process by attending a weeks retreat

8. Overcome relationship struggles & heart breaks by choosing and stepping into self love.



1. Improve your overall digestion, vitality and clarity of mind in a week of eating healthy vegan meals

2. Experience which foods & habits decrease your energy, increase cravings and inflammation, through supervised 3 to 7 day juice fast and guided transition

3. Uncover direct causes for your challenges or medical diagnosis and receive holistic solutions and guidance in one single Health Consultation

4. Follow post retreat health guidance and eliminate the symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

5. Reverse cystic Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, PCOS and Infertility, thought a 3 month cellular detox post retreat program

6. Attend the weeks retreat to help with Eating Disorder and PTSD recovery





1. Ability to create your own yoga and meditation practice sustainable long term by attending the daily retreat yoga practice

2. Learn how to communicate and embody trust, love and acceptance of your own body

3. Experience profound sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing on the daily basis

4. Experience how breath helps you to overcome fears, anxiety, anger and acquire the ability continue practicing the technique at home

5. Strengthen your self love practice by creating your daily ritual of yoga meditation and breathwork post retreat



Ⓒ 2018 Almond Blossom Sanctuary, Ibiza