Mental Trainer & Personal Life Coach

My passion for understanding human nature, how we function and exist, is deeply entrenched from my years of helping others to create life. In my previous career as a leading Embryologist I was working in IVF Centers worldwide for almost two decades. During that time I was captivated to observe how energy and life is constantly evolving, from the earliest stages to becoming a full human being. To witness this lifeforce on a daily basis inflamed my interest in the world of Quantum Physics. I was mesmerized by the science, the deep wisdom, the mystery and the connection of life. This finally led me to develop my professional career further, becoming a certified Quantum Energy and Personal Life Awareness Coach.

The key to happiness and fulfilment is a balanced life grounded on self-love. During our private mentoring sessions I am holding space for you with love and compassion and invite you to empower yourself. Whether you experienced traumatic experiences during your childhood or later in life, whether you are confronted with deep pain or “simply” struggle to navigate through this complex world, I will gently guide you to your own journey of recovery by establishing healthy boundaries and thus shifting limiting belief systems, self-defeating concepts and destructive habits . This life is uniquely yours – unbelievably precious.


COACHING / MENTORING / GUIDANCE on any personal subject

Skype / Whatsapp / Facetime or in Person

€ 220,- per session ( 1.5 hours )


1 Month Program € 450,-

2 Month Program € 770,-

3 Month Programs € 1080,-


☆ Weekly Call Sessions

☆ Unlimited Whatsapp Support


4 x 30 minutes call session per month
( Skype / Whatsapp / FaceTime or in person)

Unlimited Whatsapp support during the week from Monday to Friday

I will assist and guide you through all mental, emotional and personal subjects. Together we can face and overcome Burnout, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Depression, fears, Codependency and Addiction.

Ⓒ 2018 Almond Blossom Sanctuary, Ibiza